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Our founder, James A Danekas is a third generation Angus breeder from South Dakota. As he completed his service in the US army in the early 70’s he made his way out west to continue serving the seedstock cattle community. With this, he and his wife Sherry launched JDA focusing on his cattle roots, the Angus business. JDA has managed hundreds of auctions for Angus, Hereford, Aberdeen, and Wagyu cattle since its birth. JDA has also set numerous records including the first Angus cow to sell for $100,000 in the US and many record-high sellers for the Wagyu breed.  As a very successful Angus auction manager, James Danekas branched out the business to publishing. As this branch grew, JDA produced many award-winning publications including the California Cattleman, Western Cowman, Angus, the Magazine, and the Angus Icon. Today, the publication that is the focus is Wagyu World.

As the Wagyu breed created a grasp on the cattle industry and slowly started to sprout in the US, JDA was asked to assist in one of the very first Wagyu auctions. This led to both James and Sherry to experiencing their first taste of the product and a newfound love for the Wagyu breed. Since that moment, JDA’s involvement in the breed grew and today the Wagyu breed is their main focus.

With the loss of James A Danekas, the firm continued to maintain a family company with the reins being taken over by daughter, Mercedes, who is also deeply rooted in the cattle industry since a child and is today a fourth-generation cattlewoman. Mercedes truly believes in the Wagyu breed and the people that are the foundation behind it.

Today, JDA, being led by Sherry and Mercedes Danekas and their team, continues to follow in the footsteps of their founder and continues to be a multifaceted company that caters to the beef industry. With over 40 years’ experience, JDA knows the purebred cattle industry, in particular, the Wagyu market better than anybody.  Founder, James Danekas, built JDA, Inc. around integrity and dedication leading the firm to consistent success through the good and even the bad times faced within the industry.
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